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And So We Begin

12 Jan

So what are we going to do here? Well, let me lay it out for you.  I was a blogger some years ago but had to give it up for awhile due to some undesirables causing issues. I let their nonsense get me down and I stopped doing what I love, writing.  NO MORE!! I’m going to chronicle the crazy lives of my three daughters as well as my attempt to do a little self-teaching on the baking front.  I’m a wannabe pastry chef that can’t afford to go to pastry school.  So, I figured why not do a little self-teaching.  I’m pretty smart, all things considered, how hard can it be to learn how to work with fondant or make the perfect buttercream.  This is my attempt at recording the highs and the lows of both child raising and cake baking.  Let’s see how much fun we have. I’ll do a little background on the cast of characters in my next post and then we’re off and running.  Oh, and look away from the ugliness that is the current state of this blog. I’m going to be doing a little learning on the wordpress front as well.