Biscoff Bliss

1 Jun

Well, let’s get down to business. This is a baking blog after all so maybe we should start doing a little baking.  I’m going to make this a recurring segment as I’ve developed a love for this particular product. I love baking and I love reading baking blogs. One of my faves is Bake at 350. I first discovered Biscoff Spread on Bridget’s blog. If you have never heard of this stuff it is the most delicious stuff ever.

 This jar is full of yummy spread made from Biscoff cookies. Uh, cookies? In a spread? Yup! And nothing tastes better than sticking a spoon in the jar and scooping out a big, scrumptious spoonful. It sticks to the roof of your mouth and it’s spectacular. (And I just found out there is a “crunchy” version with little pieces of biscoff cookie. I DIE!) Well, when I read about this stuff I just had to find it. And to my great delight the dinky little grocery store around the corner had it in stock. Right next to my other big love, Nutella. But, that’s an ingredient for another post. Bridget had a recipe for Biscoff Brownies, here’s the link to her awesome post with much better pictures then mine. When I read about them I just had to try them. So, when The King (my dear Dad) called up about the annual Memorial Day picnic I just knew it was time to trot out this recipe and give it a road test.

Please, please excuse the horror that is the pictures you are about to see. I’m knew to this whole food blog genre and only have an iPhone to take pictures with. Now, the iPhone takes magnificent pictures but the lightening is so crappy in my dinky kitchen they don’t look as wonderful as they eventually will. With practice comes perfection.

A poorly staged Cast of Characters. We have here some eggs and butter. The delicious Biscoff Spread dressed in red. Yes, that’s a jar of peanut butter which has no place in this recipe, as well as the chocolate chips. Don’t know how those two jumped in to the picture. Missing from the lineup is cocoa powder, baking soda, cream cheese and salt. Oh and in the corner is my beloved MacBook Pro. Oh Apple products how I do love thee. I was smart enough to put the butter and eggs out to warm to room temperature. It sure does make creaming easier.

So this is my trusty, lovable KitchenAid mixer and the biscoff topping. Yes, the temptation to lick the bowl was great but I managed to control myself.

Here are the slackers who didn’t feel it was necessary to join the party when the first Cast photo was taken. If you haven’t noticed by now I’m a bit messy when it comes to baking. I chalk it up to having practically zero counter space and next to no table space in my dinky little kitchen. Every night I pray real hard for a new home with a spacious kitchen. What a party I’ll have!! But, I digress.

Oh boy! Now, the fun begins. Here we see the beginnings of the brownie coming together. This is my fave Pampered Chef mixing bowl. This baby is good for so many things. Plus, it comes with a handy dandy lid. Perfect for storing unused cookie dough in the fridge for future snacking, er, baking needs.

So here’s where things were a little challenging. I was worried I didn’t let the sugar and butter heat up enough. It wasn’t until after the brownies were done that I realized I probably should have timed it for future reference. And could an angel at Calphalon or All-Clad look upon me with kindness and send me some new pots and pans? Just a girl with a dream and some seriously overused cookware.

   Getting everybody into the pool for a little whisking. But, do it very carefully so you don’t scramble those eggs.

And then you have a delicious heavenly brownie batter just waiting to be eaten straight from the pot. But, we will control ourselves so as not to be sick later.

Now the recipe called for dollops of topping and then gently swirling. I need to work a little more on my swirling.

And here we are friends! Fresh from the oven and smelling like heaven. If you ventured over to Bridget’s blog to see the original recipe post (and I highly encourage that you do) you’ll see that her’s look so much nicer than mine. Again, practice leads to perfection.

All together and waiting to be enjoyed post-cookout. They tasted delicious and I will most definitely be making these babies again. Keep watching for more delicious recipes with my favorite Biscoff Spread. And do yourself a favor and see if your local dinky grocery store carries it too.



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