And Then There’s Me

27 May

There’s nothing more challenging than writing a post about yourself. I come from a large family. I was married and now I’m not. I was a single mom to The Heir and The Spare for a very long time and then I was lucky enough to find my high school sweetheart again. We’ve been happily together now for three and a half years. We had a surprise baby of our own and may or may not have another. I love to bake and read and take my kids to Disney World. I’m a work-at-home mom and an all around good egg I would say. I’m not the world’s best mom but I’m pretty satisfied with myself if they’re all alive and relatively happy at the end of the day. So far, so good. My significant other, who goes by The Knight in the other circles I run in, seems to think I’m a good writer. The previous blog I wrote had some pretty good stuff on it I guess. He’s always after me to sit my butt down and write a book. That was always a childhood dream of mine. I’m sure I can find time between school driving, lacrosse tournaments, play group, pediatrician visits, grocery shopping and daydreaming. In the small hours of the morning I do find myself throwing together bits and pieces of things that could turn in to something interesting. Maybe I will be the next big thing one day. For now, I’m happy to be the next big thing to the baby that peeks at me over her crib every morning.


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